Apartment Syndication and Investment Group

What we offer - Spinnaker Investment Group is offering the opportunity for accredited individuals to invest in a multi‐tenant apartment building.  Our group will manage the investment throughout all phases from procurement, repositioning, and sale.  The goal is to provide the investor with a passive investment that provides stable preferred returns and a positive return on equity at the sale of the property.

Who we are - At Spinnaker Investment Group (SIG), our primary business focus is to own, create value from value-buy and value-add strategies, and generate profitable revenues with multi-tenant residential apartment buildings. SIG was established to capitalize on the investment opportunities that have become available in today’s declined marketplace, with a focus on motivated sellers and distressed properties that will produce a sizable financial upside return. Founded and managed by Jeffrey Marples, Conor Musgrave, and Jeremy Noblin, SIG brings more than 20 years of Real Estate experience. Investors will benefit from SIG’s in-depth market knowledge, investment and management experience, and large local contact base. We understand the risks facing investors today and search for the most conservative approach to achieve combined success.

Our commitment to investors:

  Provide realistic and conservative investment performance pro-forma based on tried and true value-add methods.

  Provide the investor with a preferred return and to exceed expectations at disposition.

•  Act with complete integrity and transparency during all phases.

How we provide value - There are many opportunities available right now, but too many barriers to entry for most investors to participate. SIG is helping overcome those barriers by:

•  Offering investors a way to diversify their investment portfolio even if they are not multi-family experts.

  Providing a high-quality multi-family investment with less individual equity required, by organizing small groups of investors to facilitate the purchase of higher quality properties with reduced leverage, better economies of scale, and increased long-term security and flexibility.

  Performing active management to maximize efficiencies while optimizing the end value for our investors by precisely timing property improvements, financing structure, and dispositions.