Investment Real Estate Services

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I specialize in both the brokerage of and investment in Multi-Family and NNN Investment Real Estate. This broad base allows me to analyze investor needs without an artificial bias toward one specific product. My investment background enables me to analyze each property in detail to determine the highest and best use of that property and the type of investor it would best suit.

My goal is to become a trusted advisor, to help you make educated decisions regarding income producing properties, from tax deferment strategies to rent control and tenant/landlord issues. I want what makes the most sense for you to achieve your financial goals.

I see two bright spots in the current investment real estate market place:

Net-leased (NNN) properties backed by high credit corporations such as Bank of America, AutoZone, McDonald’s and Walgreens bound to long-term leases can provide stability, security and management-free real estate. This subset of properties offers a known quantity for long-term investment performance at a time when there is little certainty in anything else. The rate of return is generally lower than riskier investments because they offer increased security and stability, a trait valued in the current economy.

Multi-Family (Apartment) properties may be on the opposite side of the spectrum but still offer many compelling reasons for investment. Shelter is one of the necessities of life and, as Americans shift back to more sustainable lifestyles, they are finding that owning a McMansion hours from their place of work actually reduces their quality of life. Apartments traditionally keep up with inflation better than other forms of real estate and offer the owner great economies of scale and stability by placing multiple streams of income under one roof.

I would like the opportunity to assist you in analyzing your current properties, locating new properties matching your needs, or selling your current investment for something that better suits your goals.